Liveat green is more than just a healthy food delivery service!

Healthy eating is a science!

We connected the knowledge of human physiology with the art of cooking. Every person is unique! Liveat Green’s main objective is to ensure a balanced diet for each person individually by taking into account their lifestyle, energy needs, and physiological parameters.

What our meal plan offers:

An individually balanced diet for each person, managing the number of both calories as well as macronutrients.
Only fresh and natural ingredients! Only healthy cooking methods!
Sufficient amounts of vegetables, fruits, fiber, and healthy fats.
We avoid frying foods in oil, processed meat products, half-ready products, excess sugar and salt!
A healthy ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates to ensure the proper functioning of metabolic processes.
Changing eating habits and acquiring new and healthier eating habits.
Healthy step-by-step weight loss without a strict diet that disrupts the laws of physiology.
Maintaining a specific weight through a healthy and diverse meal plan.

If you think you deserve the best, then you are in the right place because we are the best!

Our team

Therapist-nutritionist Sofia Panfilova

Sofia is a therapist-nutritionist who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Karlova University in Prague. She is also a fitness nutritionist, certified by the National Association of Sports Coaches of the United States.

  • 6 years of individual practice
  • 600+ patients lost weight permanently
  • 2000+ people around the world attended her seminars and participated in various programs

“I am convinced that a proper and balanced diet is the basis of a healthy and happy life. Relying on science and science-based medicine, I help to change eating habits and find a balance between physical and psychological states. Together with Liveat Green, we have proven that food delivery can be 100% balanced and healthy while being very tasty!”

Headchef Daniel

The creative and enthusiastic chef from Estonia has worked in Norway, Australia and France for the last 8 years. Daniel’s career began in Tallinn 12 years ago. During that time, he worked as a commis chef with chef Aleksandr Fedin in the “Three Sisters” hotel’s restaurant called Bordoo. Together with the restaurant’s team, they have served the King of Spain and many other people with high-ranking professions.

Daniel gained significant experience working as a chef de partie in Oslo under the guidance of a chef and owner of a Michelin star, Jonathan Howell. In September 2018, Daniel started his first project, which was the restaurant GC Gastrobar in the Old Town of Tallinn, and later went on to start the “Private Chef” project, which offers a private meal with a personal chef. Daniel is always looking for new combinations, trying to prepare a menu that comprises different cuisines that have inspired him when traveling around the world.

“After a long culinary journey, I came to the idea that the main thing in the kitchen is order and balance.”

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