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Outdoor events

With the arrival of the warm summer weather, we all want to spend as much time in the fresh air as possible. This also means that outdoor events commence. And we’re here to help you make your events even more exciting.

Barbecues & garden parties

We will help you enjoy the barbecue season to the fullest. Instead of spending hours on food preparation, save valuable time and enjoy every moment with your friends and loved ones. We prepare all the dishes and components using the Sous Vide method and deliver them directly to you. We even offer the opportunity to order food with our grill. All you have to do is throw the food on the grill and enjoy it!


Are you planning to organise a picnic but can’t find enough hours in the day to cook? No problem, because we are happy to prepare all the food and deliver it to you. We also offer picnic baskets with everything that your heart could desire. When ordering from us, you can be sure that you will find vitamin-rich foods, delicious snacks and fresh smoothies in the basket.

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