Healthy Eating in the Workplace

A personalized menu and preparation of the food selection using local ingredients, and delivery of ready meals on a daily basis.

Why Liveat Green?

Liveat Green is aimed at organizing healthy eating habits in the workplace. It’s in the hands of the employer to make their employees’ meals as pleasant and affordable as possible, as it’s often the employer who can organize the possibilities to eat healthily at work.

The main goal of a healthy diet:

  • To help teach employees how to eat properly, help understand the composition of products, and, most importantly – maintain their immune system and well-being, regardless of the daily schedule.
  • To develop an attentive approach to your health and the ability to cope with stress without food.
  • Help make the company’s employees more productive and energetic, connect them with a common goal and establish the habit of a healthy lifestyle as the key to a positive atmosphere and success at work.

What happens next?

How to maintain results

What happens next? How to preserve the achieved results when 99% of working professionals:
  • Eat unhealthily.
  • Don’t know what the daily dietary intake should consist of.
  • Often suffer from stress and health conditions related to it.
  • Lack of physical activity, although most of them want to change their weight and then through that become more productive.

Project results

  • Improvement of the physical and mental health of employees and, as a result, increased work motivation.
  • Prevention of work productivity decrease.
  • Reduction of costs related to health insurance benefits and doctor’s appointments.

End result

  • Positive and friendly atmosphere in the workplace.
  • Increased ability to work.
  • Grateful team.

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